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The Secret To My Success is that it takes learned skills about how to maximize your time searching and to fully understand your metal detector settings to have the best results. I have always said “It’s 99% Skill and 99% Luck!

Discover the secrets of successful treasure hunting with my specialized metal detector training courses. After 35 years of experience I am now dedicated to teaching you the skills and techniques needed to uncover hidden gold, coins, and relics. In my comprehensive courses, you’ll learn everything from the basics of metal detector operation to advanced search strategies in diverse environments. During these training sessions, you’ll gain a deep understanding of various metal detector models, settings, and features, ensuring you choose the right equipment for your specific treasure-hunting goals.  You will learn about safety and various hazards as well.

I will personally guide you through practical exercises, teaching you how to interpret signals, identify potential treasure sites, and maximize your chances of finding valuable artifacts. I have a famous saying: “Being successful at treasure hunting is 99% Skill and 99% Luck!  I have been very lucky and fortunate in this hobby and I am ready to show you my secrets!  Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced detectorist, I will empower you with the knowledge and confidence to embark on exciting treasure hunts and unravel the mysteries of the past. I also offer a Meteorite Hunting Course as well.  Enroll in some courses today and unlock the potential of your metal detector.

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Certified Trainer

I am a certified instructor/trainer in all metal detectors and products made by Minelab.  I also work closely with all the other major metal detector companies and have great working relationships with them.  No matter what machine you may have and use, I will know how to answer all of your questions and teach you the best way to set it up for each scenario.


Over the decades I have owned well over 40 different metal detectors and I have many countless hours on each one.  I currently own all of the top machines in the market today.  On my YouTube channel I have many reviews and complete guides for today’s best selling metal detectors.  I have tried just about every possible way to pack gear out on a trip and can show you everything from the best packs and gear to the best digging tools, the best safety and survival equipment, the best shoes and clothing to wear and even the best snacks for adventures.

Survival & First Aid

I have been a Paramedic-Firefighter since 1987 and worked over 25 years in the very busy communities of Northern California.  I was a Paramedic Instructor, a Precepter as well as a Field Training Officer for new Paramedics.  Along this journey I often spent lot’s of time in adventures in hostile and dangerous terrain with bears, lions, rattlesnakes, bees, wasps, mosquitoes, ticks and more!  I can help you be prepared for an emergency by showing you exactly what you need to carry with you on adventures into the wilderness.



How we know where to look


Field Collection Techniques


How to identify Meteorites


How to curate, clean and sell meteorites

Popular Programs

I offer many different classes but these are the most popular

Research & Maps

How to research using maps, books, manuscripts, software, the internet and mobile apps to find the perfect sites to have success.

Metal Detecting 101

A fantastic course that explains the basics of how metal detectors work, which one to buy, what equipment and tools you will need and how to setup and use your machine.

How to Find Relics

This course focuses on finding relics with an empasis on old logging camps, gold rush camps and revolutionary or civil war camps.  As well as old homesteads or ghost towns.  You will learn exactly where to look to have the best sucess.

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